Aureus Swoosh Feder


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Federschwert Renaissance

This sword has fuller at whole length of a blade, renaissance crossguard and pear-type pommel.
Ricasso has a modern, elegant style. The point of balance is about 8-9 cm from the crossguard.
In standard version a comfortable wooden handle is covered with linen.

SPECIFICATION Renaissance Model:

Total length 128 cm 50.39 NCH
Blade length 97 cm 38.19 INCH
Handle length 31 cm 12.20 INCH
Weigth approx. 1390 g 49 oz
PoB 8.5 cm 3.35 INCH
C0P 1/3 to tip
Pommel Standard
Crossguard Renaissance

SPECIFICATION Standard model:

Total length 130 cm 51.18 INCH
Blade length 97 cm 38.18 INCH
Handle length 33 cm 12.99 INCH
Weight approx. 1365 g 48.1 oz
P0B 9 cm 3,54 INCH

Values ​​are approximate and there may be minor differences for each weapon depending on factors such as braiding type, individual handle length, and PoB value.

Product available on request,
Product idle time – up to 2 months.


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 100 x 20 x 20 cm

Standard, Renaissance


None, Crossguard, Blade, All


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