Steel sparring Dussack


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Steel sparring Dussack
Light and durable dussack, made from spring steel tempered to 50HRC. With distal tappering, folded point, and long handle to fit Sparring Gloves.

Overal Length: 78cm
Material of the handle: black cord (leather as option) 
Length of the handle: 12.5cm
Weight: 650g
Point of balance: 12 cm far from the handle
Blade width 3.6cm and tappers to 1cm at the point
Blade thickness: 4mm tappers to 1.5mm at the point
Folded point
Rat tail hand guard.

14kg – it is required to apply 14kg of weight in line of the blade in order to bend it.

Webshop price 159€ (september promotion 125€)
Realisation time 2-3 months

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Black cord, thicker wooden grip with leather


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