Aureus Swoosh Feder

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Federschwert Renaissance

This sword has fuller at whole length of a blade, renaissance crossguard and pear-type pommel.
Ricasso has a modern, elegant style. The point of balance is about 8-9 cm from the crossguard.
In standard version a comfortable wooden handle is covered with linen.

SPECIFICATION Renaissance Model:

Total length128 cm50.39 NCH
Blade length97 cm38.19 INCH
Handle length31 cm12.20 INCH
Weigth approx.1390 g49 oz
PoB8.5 cm3.35 INCH
C0P1/3 to tip

SPECIFICATION Standard model:

Total length130 cm51.18 INCH
Blade length97 cm38.18 INCH
Handle length33 cm12.99 INCH
Weight approx.1365 g48.1 oz
P0B9 cm3,54 INCH

Values ​​are approximate and there may be minor differences for each weapon depending on factors such as braiding type, individual handle length, and PoB value.

Product available on request,
Product idle time – up to 2 months.


Additional information

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions100 × 20 × 20 cm

Standard, Renaissance


None, Crossguard, Blade, All


Pear, Fish tail

1 review for Aureus Swoosh Feder

  1. Gaweł

    I am totally shocked by the quality of this Feder blade. Sword is very light, fits in the hand almost perfectly. Blade is simple, yet very ellegant, there’re no unnecessary decorations, but whole sword looks awe-inspiring. It was even shipped to me before deadline! My only concern is twine in the handle, it may damage during usage, but generally, I see no weak spots here. And yes, it makes ‘swoosh’ sound during swing.

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