Fancy Jacket

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Fancy Jacket

Fencing gambeson design based on Elizabethan Fencing doublet from  1580 and optimized for modern HEMA designs. Fastener on the back, High collar with wide bladecatcher, 350N piercing proof and abrasion resistant outer layer… and above all… Fancy Look!

– Lets make Fencing Fancy again!

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Fancy Jacket is manufactured according to perforation standard EN 16567 Level 1 (350N) with strong, abrasion resistant outer layer of synthetic fabric. Our jacket have light padding and front socket for additional removable padding. Jacket is made out of light breathable fabric, sleeves are sewn at wide angle in order to .

The jacket have high collar and it dont leave free space on your neck. The blade catcher is very wide so it is not important whether you fence with your right or left side presented to the opponent. The cuffs are finished with wide velcro. It helps a lot while undressing the jacket, especially when your arms are sweaty after training session or sparring. ZIP fastener is located on the back and is covered with velctro. 

The design was made to all those Hemaists loved in XVI century fencing. They perfectly match Fancy Pants.

Main features:
– durable outer fabric which reaching Level 1 perforation standard EN 16567 (350N)
– Incredible Fancy Fencing design!
– fastener on the back
– high collar with wide bladecatcher
– allows free movement
– easy to wear
– suitable for machine-wash

The jacket is are available in all colours. Realisation time 40-60 days.

Height in cm164 – 170170 – 176176 – 182182 – 188182 – 194194 – 206
Chest circumference84 – 9292 – 100100 – 108108 – 116116 – 124124 – 132
Waist circumference72 – 8080 – 8888 – 9696 – 104104 – 112112 – 120
Hip circumference88 – 9696 – 104104 – 112112 – 120120 – 128128 – 136
The length of the jacket535659626568
Sleeve length606467707477

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 20 cm
Main Color

1. White, 2. Grey, 3. Dark Grey, 4. Black, 5. Red, 6. Orange, 7. Yellow, 8. Green, 9. Dark Green, 10. Blue, 11. Navy Blue, 12. Brown

Frills color

No frills, 1. White, 2. Grey, 3. Dark Grey, 4. Black, 5. Red, 6. Orange, 7. Yellow, 8. Green, 9. Dark Green, 10. Blue, 11. Navy Blue, 12. Brown


S, M, L, XL, XXL

1 review for Fancy Jacket

  1. Kacper Herman

    The jacket is GREAT. It’s very light and doesn’t wipe. I trained in it non-stop for 5 hours and I didn’t feel tired wearing it (of course I felt tired after such a long training, but the jacket did nott have such an effect here). It’s very durable, like 350N – I’ve been in it today and I’m very happy with it.
    The jacket also has several technical advantages:
    – despite the fact that I put on a jacket from the back, I easily undressed myself after the training – despite the fact that I’ve a shoulder injury (I note that I’ve been injured for a long time before I bought a jacket)
    – it folds easily and doesn’t take up much space – I’m able to fit it into one bag together with shoes, gloves and the rest of the equipment
    – the material inside the jacket doesn’t stick or slip from the sweat

    I’m very happy with this purchase. It was worth spending this money.

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