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Hi Hemaists,
As I announced in the last video, I will start production of light feders designed for training and sparing with minimum protection.
The goal is to bring back to life federschwerts that we used In Fechtschule Poznań back in 2002. We used light and flexible Feders that allows us to fence with fencing masks and leather gloves and no additional protection.

Available on backorder


Fechtschule Federschwert – Prototype backorders

I present to you the calculated parameters:

Total length: 130 cm
Blade length: 98cm (including 7,5cm Schilt)
cross guard length: 26cm
Handle length: 27cm
Pommel size: 4cm

Total Weight: 1125g
PoB 7cm
stiffness of the blade ~7kg

Price: 247,5€

Realisation time 2-3 months

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions135 × 30 × 10 cm


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