Total length 168cm

Blade Length 125cm

Blade thickness 9mm at quillion with distal taper to 4mm before widened point

Deep and wide forged fullers

Weight ~2.4kg

Blade stiffness 14-15 kg.

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Both Pacheco de Narváez in his «Nueva Ciencia» and Rodríguez de Canto a century later state that a montante must be as tall as a man of the standard proportions at the time, which is to say two castilian varas.

A vara castellana equals 83,59 centimetres, which means the ideal montante height would be 167.18cm –nearly 170cm, or about 5.5 feet.

Pacheco also instructs that the proportions between blade and hilt should be six to two, which means the ideal montante should have 125.38cm of blade and 41.80cm of hilt.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 180 × 40 × 20 cm

Red Leather, Brown Leather, Black Leather, Blue Leather, Yellow Leather, Pink Leather

Blade type

Flexible sparring blade, Stiff practice blade, Sharp blade


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