Paratschwert – Fencing Sword

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Fencing sword with flat blade and swollen point. Designed for fencing with minimum protection gear.


Weight ~1.35kg

Overal length ~135cm

Blade length ~100cm

Blade stiffness 9-12kg

Swollen point

Grips covered with sewn hardened leather. Colors available are: black, blue, green and maroon.

All blades were forged and slightly differ in parameters or shilt shape.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 140 × 30 × 10 cm

1 review for Paratschwert – Fencing Sword

  1. Tyler

    I’ve purchased one of these and it was the best investment I’ve ever made. In my 6 years of doing Historical European Martial Arts, I have never had a longsword quite like this. It is by far my favorite sword to use.
    It’s very light and agile, but commands a lot of authority in parries due to the spatulated tip. The handle is very long and thin compared to my previous longswords. This required some adjustment, but since using it I do not think I can go back to any other handle type. The length allows very strong wrenching actions, and the thinness allows very easy hand adjustments in the middle of sparring. It also allows very fast flicks/zircles due to the length and thinness of the handle.

    My only complaint is the durability. I’ve used it quite heavily and it hasn’t started to bur just yet, but the edge is starting to look a little damaged. If I keep using it with the same frequency, I will need to start to maintain the blade more carefully. This is after ~3 months of heavy usage with no maintenance other than oiling the blade once a week.

    TL;DR, bind presence is strong, movements are quick, it’s very comfortable, and it’s overall a gorgeous looking sword. This will be the first sword I recommend to more experienced practitioners going forward.

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